Sri Lankan Dhal Curry

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Autumn is my favourite time of year.  I love the colours  – burnt orange, rusty red, chocolate brown and deep purples.  Sweaters, colourful scarves, tall boots, long jackets, chai tea, good books read under warm blankets…

Funny that one of my most favourite autumn recipe actually comes from Sri Lanka a place that at this time of year is 35 degrees.  I love the way the lentils cook into a soft mushy texture and how the spinach, tomato and red onion peak out from behind the bright yellow.  This recipe requires barely any effort and can be cooked up in 30min.  Just pile all the ingredients into a pot, stir and simmer!  Don’t forget to add in at least 2 cups of spinach or kale at the end – make sure you turn the burner off and just fold the greens in so they wilt.

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