Liver Loving Creamy Borscht

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Beets and cabbage are plentiful at this time of year.  This is a great soup to make ahead and freeze. Leave out the coconut milk and apple cider vinegar until just before serving.  It’s got all the makings of a soup that eats like an entire meal – chunky, creamy and tangy. We both had 2 bowls each last night and will likely be eating it again tonight for dinner.

Beets have a unique phytonutrient in them called Betanin which is very helpful for phase 2 detoxification in which it helps the body attach toxins to Glutathione, the master detoxifier, make them water soluble and eliminate them through the urine. The more that beets are cooked the less Betanin they contain. This soup is only simmered for 20 minutes in order to soften the veggies and retain a large percentage of the phyto-nutrients. You can also grate fresh beets as a garnish to add even more detoxification support.

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