Immune Boosting Rose Hip Tea

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I’ve been admiring these little red rose hips for weeks when I’ve been out walking they are growing wild in a nearby field in masses. I finally made the connection yesterday that they are the same rose hips that create the oil that I use on my skin! Colin and I have really been getting into growing our own food and foraging for wild food. Hunting for mushrooms in the woods has become an exciting and often rewarding afternoon activity. I started wondering if there were some other uses for rose hips. Could I eat them somehow? Sure enough they are actually an amazing little nutrition bomb! They’ve got more vitamin C in them than oranges!

Back in World War II the British were told to use rose hips to prevent scurvy (a debilitating condition due to a severe Vitamin C deficiency) because they had very little access to citrus fruits. This little fruit is also rich in lycopene which is an essential part of a prostate cancer prevention plan. They are excellent to use at this time of year to prevent the nasty flu and cold. They are a great immune boosting gem found in a forest or field near you!

Rose Hips are actually the seed pod of the rose plant. The hips form after the petals fall off. You can eat them on their own but they don’t have a lot of flavour. Just skip the middle part of the pod as it’s a little hairy. You can use them to make jam, soup or this tasty tea. Ready to give it a try? I like the taste of this tea on it’s own without any sweetener it’s slightly tangy because of the amounts of Vitamin C.

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