Fresh Chili with Taco Plant-Meat

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Our weekly tradition is to get together with our friends on Sunday evening to give thanks over a delicious health inspired meal.  This week we hosted the dinner and made this recipe.  It was delicious and so fast to make.  Had a mug of chaga tea with the meal.  A perfect recipe for a crisp sunny fall day.

The meal is both full of enzymes for enriching digestion and plant-proteins.  You’ll feel satisfied like a regular bean chill but won’t have the gas, bloating or fatigue like a the traditional recipe supplies. Since your body won’t be spending an excess of energy on digesting it can use the energy towards healing and rejuvenating the body.  I woke up feeling refresh and energized this morning not hungover from a heavy meal from the night before -watch out world it’s going to be a productive day!

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