Farmers Market Stinging Nettle Gomae

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I love Gomae it’s creamy and salty.  A traditional Japanese dish which is the perfect balance to the chewy nori wrapped maki rolls.  BUT it’s usually made with soy sauce and sometimes has fish sauce in it – too bad for the fish and too bad for my intestines!  So… Colin picked up some fresh stinging nettle at the farmers market and asked me to create something with it.  Last spring I made this stinging nettle gomae and have been waiting to get my hands on some fresh nettle ever since.  If you don’t have stinging nettle near you, you can replace it with spinach.  The spinach will only need hot/warm water poured over it don’t put it in the pot!  I attempted to soak the nettle for a couple of hours in the sunshine but it was still stingy so I resorted to blanching it… but made sure that it was still vibrant in colour.  Nettle is a great treatment for seasonal allergies.  It’s also effective at reducing symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome and acid reflux.  It’s a great blood builder and liver supporter.  It is absolutely worth a couple prickles!  Lemon balm is the antidote to stinging nettle – something that has stuck with me since getting stung at brownie camp when I was 8-years-old.  Lemon balm is often found growing nearby stinging nettle – how handy!

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