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Eden is incredible she challenges your way of thinking and approach to food and life! Informative, educational, practical, entertaining, engaging with incredibly tasty and delicious recipes that I will make over and over again! You’d be crazy not to attend, Learn and Live! ~ Lisa S.

A 6 hour training to get you started on a Mindful Nutrient Dense Plant-Based Life. Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey that will appeal to all your senses and satiate you? For the beginner and experienced cook, you’ll learn our trademarked culinary method to develop your own recipes and learn to cook with ease and confidence. You’ll receive a workbook full of recipes, shortcuts and tips. All recipes will be sampled in the class. You will also learn simple effective mindfulness practices to reduce stress and increase resilience. Bring your appetite and your questions. This is prevention at it’s best!


~ Our unique culinary method to get you confident in the kitchen
~ Best quality sweeteners and how to incorporate them into existing recipes
~ Dairy alternatives – milk, cheese other favourites made healthy!
~ How to choose healthy fats and oils and use them safely
~ What to stock in your fridge and pantry – ingredients that you will actually use!
~ Eating healthy on a budget
~ How to pack nutrients into your meals without sacrificing flavour
~ How to grow your own nutrient dense food in your kitchen!
~ How to make your raw nutrient-dense pickles and condiments.
~ 15-min Entrees
~ Snacks and Desserts
~ Smoothies, Juice and Herbal Tonics

Dates: March 9th, 2014
Time: 10am – 4pm
Location: The Juice Truck’s New Space (address posted when confirmed)

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