6 Ingredient Veggie Burgers

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Colin timed me and these simple Veggie Burgers did take 10min to prepare! In total it was more like 20 since you have to cook the burgers for 5 min on each side. It’s hard to believe how delicious and easily these are. They can be made up at the beginning of the week to be eaten for lunch, dinner or snack. You could even roll it into small balls and turn them into ‘meatballs’. I like to use collard, swiss chard or kale instead of buns for added nutrients. My favourite toppings are sauerkraut (either homemade or purchased from the cooler section of the store so that I know it hasn’t been pasteurized), avocado, grated carrot, broccoli sprouts and mustard. They were so good I ended up eating 5 of them over 2 days!

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